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Sayings of Imam Mohammad Mehdi (AS)

A hadith of eighth Imam Hazrat Ali Bin Moosa Al-Raza (AS) as quoted in Biharul Anwar Volume 78, says that the intellect of a Muslim does not mature & complete until he has ten qualities:

1) Benevolence & benefaction be expected & hoped from him

2) And people be secure & peaceful from his evil doing

3) He considers the small amount of benefaction from others as abundant & plentiful

4) And takes plenty of his own benevolence & goodness to be a meager amount of it

5) He does not get tired & exhausted by the demands & requirement asked to be fulfilled

6) He does not get fatigued & restless from seeking knowledge for all the length of his life

7) He loves poverty more than the plentiful ness & affluence, on the course of Allah

8) And he loves disgrace & abjectness of the way of Allah more than the honour on the course of His enemy

9) And anonymity is more liked by him than fame

Then he (A.S) said: "The tenth one & what is the tenth?"

The person asked him (A.S.) "What is that?" Imam (A.S.) reflected, "He does not see a person but that he says 'He is better & more pious than myself.'"

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