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Anjuman Shehzada-e- Ali Akbar(AS) Dhunni

is well known in District Gujrat Pakistan and
has the honour of doing Azadaree in Kharian. Politics is not included in the objectives of this Anjuman and it does not involve itself in any kind of politics. The uniqueness of this Anjuman is the discipline that it possesses in the "Jaloos"(meaning thereby the processions where Azadaree is done).

The purpose of this Web site is to inform the people all over the country as well as around the world about the activities of "Anjuman Shehzada-e- Ali Akbar (Kharian)" and the tentative schedule of 20th Ramadan Majlis in which the organization has to participate.


Jashan poster of Khana kaak ( Rawalpindi ) on 12 Rajab 2015

Ziaraat Date 3,4 Shaban in Karbala Moallah
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Watch majlis of 25 Muharram 2014 Dhunni Sadaat ( Kharian )

Watch majlis of 14 Rabiul Awal 2015 Rajoa Sadaat ( Phalia )

Click to watch Majlis e Aza in Rajoa Sadaat 
( Phalia ) on 14 Safar 2014

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Annual Shedule of Majalis in Dhunni Sadaat Tehsil Kharian Distt Gujrat

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( Jamadi Awal 1436 AH March 2015)
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Allam Agha Nasim Abbas Razvi ( 1st Muh )
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