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Majlis E Aza Organizer Phone No Timing
1st Muh to 13th Muharram Syed Adil Shah & Sons Dhunni 0300-9513756 8 To 11pm
1st Muh to 9th Muharram Syed Raza Shah Dhunni Stop 0300-5412291 3 To 6 pm
7 Muharram Syed Akber Shah 0300-5417485 12 To 3 pm
19th Muharram Anjuman Sham e Gareeba Dhunni 0301-6223427 8 To 11pm
25th Muharram Syed Sabtain Haider Razvi 0300-9527957 9am To 6pm
22th Safar Anjuman Qamar Bani Hashim 0300-9516884 9am To 6pm
23th March Syed Imtiaz Shah Dhunni 0302-5824003 9am To 6pm
1st Sunday of May Sons of Syed Hussain Shah Razvi 0301-5816743 9am To 10pm
Last Sunday of May Syed Manzur Hussain Shah 0300-5428039 9am To 8pm
Last Sunday of June Syed Zulafqar Hussain Zargar 0346-6872782 9am To 8pm
17 Rabiulawal Jashan Syed Nasar Abbas Razvi 0300-5442512 Night
2 Jamadi us Sani Anjuman Aseeran e Sham 0300-9521179 Night
13 Rajab Jashan Anjuman Hazrat Ameer Muslim(AS) 0300-9513756 Night
25 Rajab Anjuman Hazrat Ameer Muslim(AS) 0300-9513756 Night
20th Ramadan Anjuman Shahzada e Ali Akbar(AS) 0300-5411734 9am To 5.30pm
13th Zilhaj Anjuman Hazrat Ameer Muslim(AS) 0300-9513756 9am To 6pm
15th Shaban Anjuman Shahzada e Ali Asghar(AS) 053-7520186 8pm To 12pm

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